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FirmRoom Admin User Guide

Marsha Lewis
Marsha Lewis
Director of Marketing

FirmRoom Admin Help Guide

FirmRoom is the top VDR provider for M&A professionals. The platform providers security and flexibility for rooms admins and users.

In this article, learn how to use FirmRoom's VDR platform from an administrative user's point of view. This admin help guide goes over the data room, permissions, reports, and settings tabs, as well as user notifications and announcements.

User Notifications

firmroom user notifications
User Notifications
  • See the notifications from all of your rooms or filter the notifications by room

User Announcements

firmroom user announcements
User Announcements

Create mass messages (announcements) that can be emailed to selected users/groups.

User Data Room Tab

firmroom data room tab
Data Room Tab
  • Sort files by most recently uploaded
  • Select the gray box to apply bulk actions to documents
  • Bookmark files to tag for easy reference
  • Export a live-linking site map of the folder structure
  • Search for documents, the search will bring up text inside documents as well
  • Three dots icon allows for additional functionality

Document Viewer

firmroom document viewer
Document Viewer
  • Search for a word or phrase in a document
  • See documents' past versions that have been uploaded

User Permissions Tab

firmroom user permissions tab
Permissions Tab
  • Create a new group
  • Select from bulk actions such as moving users to other groups or deleting users
  • Copy a group's permissions to a new group
  • Add new members
  • Check the permissions across all groups

File Permissions

File Permissions
  • Select which group you want to set permissions for
  • Choose from view with a watermark, download with a watermark, download original, and edit
  • Pick the amount of permissions you want to set for each file and folder
  • Set the parent folder's permissions
  • Hide certain files and folders within the parent folder

User Reports

firmroom user reports
User Reports
  • View user and group activity such as documents viewed, uploaded, and downloaded
  • Export reports to Excel

Data Room Activity Reports

firmroom data room activity reports
Data Room Activity Reports
  • Track document activity by groups
  • Customize the report timeframe
  • Choose from different metrics
  • Export reports to Excel
firmroom Data Room Activity Reports continued
Data Room Activity Reports Continued
  • Track data room activity down to the document level
  • See the amount of time spent on a document

Audit Log

firmroom audit log
Audit Log
  • Track all activity from the audit log
  • Filter by user
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Set the specific dates you want to filter the audit log by

User Settings

firmoom user settings
User Settings
  • The small icon in the bottom left corner is where users can access account information, set email notification frequencies, and password resetting

General Settings

firmroom general settings
General Settings
  • Customize a room's name, background color, logo, and default comment types
  • Enable users to see the amount of documents in a folder or create bulk downloads

Watermark Settings

firmroom watermark settings
Watermark Settings
  • Change a watermark's opacity, type, and position
  • If a watermark is dynamic, choose if it shows the user name, email, date/time, or IP address

Settings: Non-Disclosure Agreement

firmroom Settings: Non-Disclosure Agreement
Settings: Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Enable non-disclosure agreements

User Help

firmroom user help
User Help
  • Locate help resources such as live chat, 24/7 phone support, video tutorials, and FAQs

Download the complete FirmRoom Admin Help Guide here.

Check out FirmRoom help guide videos here.

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