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Legal Teams Save Time & Remove Risk with FirmRoom

FirmRoom understands the complexities of the legal industry. Set your law firm apart with our tailored, legal data room, specifically to help you increase efficiency, remove risks, and reduce your work time on average by up to 80%.

  • Serve More Clients
  • Safeguard Your Data
  • Cost-effective Solution
  • Single Source of Truth

Made to Save Legal Teams Money, Streamline Processes,  and Avoid Risk

M&A Due Diligence

Analyze critical documents, identify key risks, and deliver insightful results, all while saving time and resources, contributing to expedited transactions and enhanced accuracy.

Corporate Governance

Transform the way you manage client minute books with our secure online repository. Ensure instant access to vital corporate records while maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date record of corporate governance activities.

Capital Raising

Analyze critical documents, identify key risks, and deliver insightful results, all while saving time and resources, contributing to expedited transactions and enhanced accuracy.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Simplify intricate workflows and content management for restructuring processes. Coordinate seamlessly among all involved parties, ensuring transparency and compliance during these sensitive legal proceedings.

Advanced Document Management

Effortlessly upload, organize, and manage vast volumes of legal documents with our intuitive interface and auto-indexing capabilities. Experience enhanced productivity, and spend more time focusing on high-value tasks for your clients.

  • Easy-to-use interface, accessible from anywhere
  • Fast bulk upload/download of entire folders and PDF downloads
  • Efficient document discovery with the built-in document viewer and document smart search by file, folder, index #, and date uploaded

Granular Permissions & Control

Ensure confidential legal information reaches the right people with our customizable permission settings. Maintain absolute control over document access, enhancing security and facilitating seamless collaboration among legal teams and clients.

Corporate clients rank legal advisor responsiveness an 8.8/10 in importance1
    • Choose and monitor what each user or user group can access or download
    • Create various reports on users who accessed the data room, disable viewing or saving files to disks or hide upload dates
    • Real-time alerts and notifications to keep everyone informed

    Integrated Redaction & Compliance

    Simplify due diligence and compliance processes with our integrated redaction tools. Protect sensitive data, maintain client privacy, and ensure regulatory adherence while reducing the time spent on lower-value tasks.

    • Integrated redaction and auto-indexing of files
    • Peace of mind with ensured regulatory compliance

    Real-Time Analytics & Reporting for Legal Matters

    Gain valuable insights into user activity and document engagement tailored to legal cases with FirmRoom's comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. Make data-driven decisions, optimize case progress, and identify areas for improvement.

    “One aspect I particularly appreciate is the granular level of detail provided by the analytics. We can monitor individual document views, the time spent on each file, and even the frequency of downloads. This has been instrumental in helping us gauge the level of interest from various parties and prioritize our efforts accordingly.”
    Curtis Kagawa
    Partner, Fairway Partners
    client retention rate among law firms using FirmRoom.
    faster deal closures for M&A transactions.
    reduction in time spent on document management tasks.
    top-tier law firms worldwide trust FirmRoom.

    Expedite Due Diligence

    Cut work times by up to 80% with swift, precise document search and review capabilities, tailored for law firms.

    Robust Security

    Protect sensitive data and maintain your reputation with stringent security measures, including ISO, SOC, and SEC audits and GDRP/CCPA compliance.
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    Enhanced Legal Support

    Rely on 24/7/365 multilingual support and personalized assistance plans, designed to cater to your law firm's unique requirements.

    Elevate Client Experience

    Impress your clients with swift, attentive service, leading to higher retention rates and word-of-mouth referrals.
    Transformed our law firm's workflow - unbeatable security, time-saving features, and outstanding client-focused support!
    — Robert Baines
    Senior Partner, Smith & Johnson Law Firm

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    Elevate your law firm to new heights with FirmRoom's powerful data room, enabling 80% faster due diligence and ironclad security. Over 350 top-tier firms are already revolutionizing their practices, surpassing client expectations, and accelerating growth.
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