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FirmRoom: A Data Room Built to Elevate Your Healthcare Due Diligence

Healthcare dealmakers face an intricate web of challenges, from compliance with strict patient data regulations to navigating complex transactions such as M&A, fundraising, and partnerships.

The stakes are high, and even seasoned professionals grapple with a multitude of obstacles daily.

Based on 1000+ reviews:

Built for a full spectrum of healthcare transactions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Expedite due diligence, securely share confidential documents, and navigate complex negotiations with ease.

Fundraising & Investor Relations

Attract investors, share financial data, business plans and other documents like CDM, DICOM files, and other, and manage fundraising activities with professionalism and transparency.

Partnerships & Licensing

Forge strategic alliances and protect intellectual property when in or out-licensing with FirmRoom's advanced, granular access controls.

Reg. Compliance & Audits

Navigate complex regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, SOC2  compliance, ensuring your data remain compliant and audit-ready.

Clinical Trials & Research

Manage and share vast volumes of trial data, regulatory submissions, and intellectual property securely.
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Expedite Your BioPharma Diligence Outcomes

Take advantage of our comprehensive checklists and digitized templates to streamline vendor guidance, information tracking, and automate your due diligence requirements and compliance needs.

Healthcare organizations can easily share data with external partners, lenders, underwriters, investors, and regulators, while collaboratively share other data sets with internal sites, departments, teams, and individuals

Preparing healthcare M&A documents in a data room ('build time') takes an average of 43 days

Reduce Risk, Stay Protected

As healthcare professionals work tirelessly to enhance the quality of human life, we ensure the utmost security of their sensitive data, maintaining a strict adherence to regulatory requirements like HIPAA, GDPR, and CCA.

FirmRoom's offers highly secure data room for covering clinical trials, biotech licensing and partnerships, IPOs, M&A, IP management, licensing, and regulatory communications.

  • Keep all your sensitive data synced and tracked in one place for full visibility and a complete audit trail
  • Dictate information and user accessibility with granular permissions
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Detailed Activity Tracking and Reporting

Discover data-driven insights , empowering you to rapidly seize opportunities and make informed decisions.

Gain a real-time, deep understanding of buyer behavior and leverage precise data to optimize your follow-ups, ultimately bringing you closer to a successful outcome.

“FirmRoom gave us a clear structure and immediate access to essential documents. This efficiency allows us to move rapidly, making seamless transactions an integral part of our business without starting from scratch each time.”
Emily Wenghorst
Senior M&A Analyst, HealthTech Innovations

Share & Manage Documents Conveniently

FirmRoom's offers powerful document management features, including automatic indexing and advanced search capabilities.

Save time and effort by easily organizing, accessing, and tracking your critical documents. Prepare due diligence materials early & leverage document analytics for both pre, during & post deal

  • All teams can submit and access documents quickly and easily
  • Efficient document discovery with the built-in document viewer and document smart search by file, folder, index #, and date uploaded

State-of-the-art Features Built for Healthcare

Smart Indexing

You can easily categorize files, build an index, present all information at once or stage diligence by creating multiple tiers

Intelligent Redaction

Protect confidential information and streamline the redaction process—all without leaving your virtual data room.

Advanced Permission Settings

Control who can access your data room and what they can see with customizable permission settings.

Secure File Sharing

Share files securely and effortlessly with advanced security features like two-factor authentication and watermarking.

Real-Time Activity Tracking

Keep track of every action taken in your data room in real-time with detailed activity tracking.
“As the head of a diverse team focused on fundraising, capital market ventures, and strategic alliances, I've found FirmRoom's cost-effective data room platform to be invaluable. It's enabled us to seamlessly and securely collaborate with global partners, helping us raise over $400 million across our last two funding rounds. I wholeheartedly endorse FirmRoom for anyone seeking a user-friendly and robust data room experience!
Omid Ghiam
VP of Corporate Development and Partnerships, GlobalTech Corp
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Accelerate Your Critical Business Deals

Don't let outdated methods hold you back in the dynamic world of renewable energy. Sign up for a free trial today and experience the advanced data room advantage for your energy sector business.


    When you need a virtual data room fast, FirmRoom gets you started in minutes.

    Our interface makes it easy to share, review, browse and upload data.

    Rely on 24/7/365 support with personalized assistance. FirmRoom's experts are committed to your success.

    FirmRoom is a complete solution, enabling you to save money with transparent pricing without sacrificing features.

    Share with confidence in a fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant data room built for healthcare.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Do you have volume discounts?

We offer volume discounts on a case-by-case basis. Please contact one of our sales reps to learn more:

Do you offer free trials?

Yes. We offer the service free of charge for 14 days. No credit card required.

What billing options are available?

You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. We offer both monthly and discounted annual plans. This provides greater flexibility and savings compared to traditional 6 month contracts.

What are the benefits of flat rate FirmRoom pricing over per-page pricing?

Flat-rate plans include data storage according to a chosen plan with no hidden fees or additional costs.

Does FirmRoom integrate with other software?

Yes. If requested, we can integrate with other software such as Slack, Salesforce, Marketo, etc.  Please contact a sales rep to learn more:

Instead of a one-time flat rate, is there an option to be billed monthly?

Yes. This also would include data, users, and support according to the plan with no additional fees.