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Terminate FTP Servers

FirmRoom eliminates the need for FTP servers

Finally, an FTP Replacement

Say goodbye to outdated FTP servers for good. Companies used to buy expensive FTP (file transfer protocol) servers for business requirements. Administrators would have to set up security, manage storage, network connections, access etc. It was tedious, time consuming, and inconvenient, but it used to be the best solution for transferring information, especially large files.
However, FTP is decades old and not designed to encrypt traffic. With FirmRoom, everything is already set up, all you have to do is upload files and start sharing. This includes data encryption, and you always have complete control over your data.

Make file transfers easy and secure

Who wants to use a bulky, outdated, and costly FTP server? With FirmRoom, you don’t have too. No more indexes or confusing interface, all you see is a simple list of folders.

Sharing Made Easy and Safe

Enable collaboration and confirm permissions for uploaded documents before they become visible.

Convenient Mobile Access

Whether you are on the go, or just not by your computer, access FirmRoom at any time on your mobile devices. Our platform is mobile friendly and responsive.

Seamless Teamwork

Team members can view documents and share files with each other. And everyone will always have access to the latest versions.

One Stop Shop

Effortlessly manage your room with features such as bulk invitation, group permissions, and activity tracking.

Centralized Controls and Global Compliance

Lack of centralized controlis alarming, especially with confidential files. FirmRoom allows for external collaboration, but in a secure way. Our configuration options allow you to set and enforce security policies, and manage team members. We are also compliant with HIPPA, FINRA, SEC 17a-4, and PCI.

Additional FirmRoom Features

FirmRoom as an FTP Replacement

Easy File Upload

Always know when an upload is complete. Set customizable permissions for uploaded documents before they become visible to anyone else.

Data Indexing

Organize your data index structure in the order you want. If you ever need to rearrangement, you can edit the index with simple drag and drop.

Files Organization

Structure files and folders in the preferred order. And bookmark files you want to quickly access in the future.

Permissions Management

Assign document privileges to individuals, or togroups with varying levels of activity.

Built-in Viewer

Open documents stored in a room, such as PDFs and Excel spreadsheets, with FirmRoom’s built in viewer.

Recent Files Filter

Need to quickly find documents? You can use the recentfiles filter to find the documents you need in seconds.

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