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FirmRoom vs DealRoom


DealRoom -
M&A Lifecycle Management Platform including diligence, pipeline, integration, and document management.
FirmRoom -
M&A Virtual Data Room with secure document storage.


Pricing Plans
Monthly or Flat Rate
Monthly or Flat Rate

All Pricing Programs

Unlimited Users
Project Rooms Included
Basic plan - 1 Room
Professional Plan - Unlimited
Basic plan - 1 Room
Professional Plan - Unlimited
Archive (DVD/USB)


Drag-and-drop Document Collection
Build-in Viewer
Full-text Search
API Access

Deal Management

Built in Playbooks
Due Diligence Management
Post-merger integration
Progress Tracking
Pipeline Management


Project Management
In-Platform Communication

Analytics & Reporting

Audit Logs
Document Heatmaps
Diligence Analytics
Real-Time Activity Reports


Helpful Highlights
Diligence and Integration management, Value, Intuitive, Easy of use
Full-feature data room, Clean interface


Live chat
Email, Call Support
Dedicated Success Manager