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FirmRoom Help Guide Videos

Madeleine Martin
Madeleine Martin
Public Relations Associate

FirmRoom's Help Guide Videos are Designed to Help Users Quickly Learn and Navigate the VDR Platform

1. Drag and Drop into a Room

How to drag and drop files into a room and re-index

Easily upload entire folders and documents by dragging and dropping them right into the room. Simply select and drag the file into the room, confirm the upload location and rename the file if necessary. Confirm the permissions for groups that have access and the upload is complete. If you are using a browser other than Google Chrome, you can upload a file by clicking the upload button and choosing the correct file from your computer.

2. Set Permissions

How to set group and file permissions

Under the “Groups” tab, you can control document and file user access. All permissions are initially controlled at the group level. To create a new group, hit the plus sign or select a group already created, then choose the file permissions button. The four icons at the top correlate with the amount of permission you can give each document, simply click one of the icons on the right hand side. Permissions can also be set all the way down to the individual file level. To see and set permissions across all groups, select the “All groups” button and then the “File Permissions”, and change the permissions as needed. Once you have permissions set for a certain group, add new members in by typing in their email address and any message you would like to send.

3. Export Index/Additional Functionality

How to use the export index and additional functionality

Export a site map for all folders and documents in the room by selecting “Export Index” at the top of the page. Then choose to export into PDF or Excel for an index with live links of everything in the room. If you need to reorder or edit index numbers, go to “Edit Index” and drag and drop to reorder files in the room. You can also reset the index if you have deleted any files. Additional functionality can be found by hovering over and clicking the three dots on any file or folder. Also, bulk actions can be completed by selecting the gray box on the side.

4. Review Reports

How to review reports and analytics

Create reports of activity in the room under the “Analytics” tab. Activity is tracked by top active users and document activity. Create a report by selecting the date range and groups you would like to compare, and then export it to PDF or Excel. Under the “Document Activity,” you are able to create similar reports and can “Show Values”, as well as the type of metrics you would like to see for the different folders. You are also able to see metrics down to each individual file. To see all activity that has happened in the room, go to the “Audit Log” on the left side. Simply, select the activity and generate a report that is exportable to Excel.

5. Email Notifications

How to set email notifications

Email notifications are controlled by each user and can be found under the “Settings” tab. Each user controls the frequency of the emails they receive when new documents are uploaded into the room. When an admin uploads a document, they can choose to notify the groups by email that have permission to the document. All notifications in the room per user can be found under the “Notifications” tab. An admin can also create a mass notification to send to specific users and they will receive an email about the notification.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have volume discounts?

We offer volume discounts on a case-by-case basis. Please contact one of our sales reps to learn more:

Do you offer free trials?

Yes. We offer the service free of charge for 14 days. No credit card required.

What billing options are available?

You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. We offer both monthly and discounted annual plans. This provides greater flexibility and savings compared to traditional 6 month contracts.

What are the benefits of flat rate FirmRoom pricing over per-page pricing?

Flat-rate plans include data storage according to a chosen plan with no hidden fees or additional costs.

Does FirmRoom integrate with other software?

Yes. If requested, we can integrate with other software such as Slack, Salesforce, Marketo, etc.  Please contact a sales rep to learn more:

Key takeaways

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