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Secure File Sharing for the Modern Workplace

Share, sync and access files any time, from any device

Sharing Shouldn’t Take Up Your Time

Have you ever tried to share a file, only to find out it was too big oryou didn’t have the right permissions? Stop wasting time worrying about filesharing. All your file sharing can be done through the platform, instead ofusing multiple applications.

Easy to Follow Lines of Communication

Never lose files in long email threads again. Everything can happen in the platform, including file sharing.
Easy To Use

Keep Everyone Informed on the latest Information

You can set the watermarking as either static or dynamic, whichever meets the deal’s needs.

Preview Files, no Download Needed

FirmRoom allows users to preview files, without downloading.

Immediate Access to Cloud Files

Break free from file sharing limits. FirmRoom is the top file sharing and storing solution in the industry. Confidently share files, no matter where you are.

Access Everything in One Place

We understand that during a deal thousands and thousands of documents are involved. With FirmRoom, everything is available on your desktop, without taking up a lot of hard drive memory.
Easy To Use

Collaboration Made Easy

Effortlessly invite new team members to collaborate and contribute to files and folders.

No More Lost Files

Forget lost files, accidentally deleted email attachments, etc. Everything is securely stored with its correlated project in FirmRoom, safe from human error.

FirmRoom features, benefits and more

Traditional VDRs are a thing of the past. Find out why FirmRoom has taken the Virtual Data Room industry by storm!

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