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Our mission is to solve your problems. Our platform’s design and features, assist with establishing transparency, efficiency and robust communication, reducing stakeholder burnout and lost deal value.
Kison Patel
CEO and Founder of M&A Science and FirmRoom
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Marsha Lewis
Director of Marketing
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Madeleine Martin
Public Relations Associate
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Lead Software Engineer
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Konstantin Gusarevich
Director of Operations
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Jessica Zhivotovsky
Account Executive
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Julia Rollins
Head of Client Success

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We're young, but we have already made a huge impact in our industry.
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The work we love

Our CEO has more than a decade of M&A advising experience, during which he saw an urgent need for a smarter process. We are passionate about helping M&A professionals have a more efficient process, and provide them with the software and education to do so.

Over 10 years experience

We are passionate about innovation and technology which is why we have dedicated over 10 years to improving the M&A lifecycle experience.


Our customers are the reason we created FirmRoom. We value supporting our customers with their M&A needs, and aim to make the deal lifecycle as smooth as possible.

our goal

Our goal is to transform our customers' process, and help close deals faster.

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Let our team of professionals fix your common industry pain points. We are here to improve your current process, and help you focus on growing your business.
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