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Fundraise Smarter and Supercharge Your Diligence with FirmRoom

Elevate investor presentations with FirmRoom’s tailored startup virtual data room.

Utilize our proven path for fundraising and investor due diligence to help you scale success in securing funding, whilst our bank-grade security safeguards your raise and reputation.
  • Purpose-built, secure startup data room
  • Centralize critical work
  • Collaborate seamlessly
Full access, no credit card required.
The data room behind 15,000+ businesses

Take ownership of your fundraising insights

Never have to ask investors if they’ve seen your deck and track engagement to better understand their interests. Securely share company updates, financial statements, and other important documents with ease.
  • Create various reports on users who accessed the data room, disable viewing or saving files to disks, or hide upload dates.
  • Create the reports you need, with the data you want.
Take a closer look at document analytics

Ace Your Capital Raise with a Winning Folder Structure

Say goodbye to disorganized files and hello to a streamlined, professional file management system that sets you apart from the competition.

Validated by over 20,000 transactions, our winning, purpose-built structure with vital folders to impress investors creates a seamless due diligence process for both startups and investors, giving you the confidence and edge you need to succeed

Pre-built templates help startups set up their data room structure 99% faster. Simply upload a template with one click.

Take Full Control of Your Fundraising Process

Stay in a complete control of your information and never worry about who or which team has access to fundraising documents. FirmRoom’s VDR includes customizable permissions, expiring links, watermarking, password protection, and granular permissioning for every user/user group, giving you the confidence to lead strong investor conversations.

“A game-changer for fundraising. The analytics gave me the option to see what are the investors looking at and for how long, which gave me the ability to see what are they the most interested in. If you're a founder raising funds, don't settle for anything less than FirmRoom.
Mia Wright
CEO, Apiax

Unrivaled Solutions for Every Stage

Seed Capital

Obtain seed capital faster with FirmRoom. Securely share crucial documents with your team and stakeholders. Create separate groups and permissions for each potential investor.

Fundraising Stages

Supercharge your Series A, B, C, or D funding efforts with FirmRoom's seamless data room setup. Instantly share vital documents and impress potential investors, while keeping them engaged throughout the process.


Go public with confidence using FirmRoom. Our data room is designed to handle the rigorous demands of the IPO process, with top-notch security features that meet SEC requirements and public company standards. Gain the insights you need to make informed decisions and ensure a successful public debut.


Navigate the complexities of the exit process with ease and get the best possible outcome for your exit with FirmRoom. Our data room provides a secure, centralized location to store and share all of your sensitive exit-related documents with potential buyers.


Ready to start, acquire, or sell your next business? FirmRoom's streamlined workflows empower you to seamlessly navigate the complex world of mergers, acquisitions, and sales.

Startups depend on FirmRoom when raising funds

What do startups like yours say about about FirmRoom? Let’s hear it from them.

Data Edge

Gone are the days where my insight stops the moment I hit send an email to investors. The real-time notifications and analytics allow me to see which investors are looking at our documents, for how long, and which parts of the company are they the most interested in. It’s been a game-changer for our fundraising efforts.
John Stones
Company Size
Americas, Europe

Gizmo Labs

Before I started using FirmRoom, I had no idea where investors were focusing their attention or where I was losing their interest. Now, with FirmRoom’s advanced tracking capabilities, I can see exactly where investors are focusing and where I need to improve my pitch. It’s been super useful in securing investments for my startup.
Luke Rossi
Company Size
North America, Europe


Fundraising used to be a hassle until I discovered FirmRoom. As far as VDRs go, FirmRoom is game-changer! I can easily see which firms are engaging with our company's ideas, and most importantly, who is truly interested. As a founder, I highly recommend using FirmRoom for your fundraising needs.
Jan E.
Company Size
North America

Enjoy secure and successful fundraising process. At your fingertips.

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Frequently Asked Questions for FirmRoom for Startups

How does FirmRoom help startups in the fundraising process?

FirmRoom offers a secure and efficient platform for startups to manage fundraising documentation, collaborate with investors, and streamline due diligence. It helps startups present their business in an organized and professional manner, making it easier for investors to evaluate the opportunity.

What features does FirmRoom provide for startups?

FirmRoom offers features tailored to startups, such as secure document sharing, granular access permissions, activity tracking, Q&A management, and customizable templates. These features make it easy for startups to collaborate with investors, maintain control over sensitive information, and manage the due diligence process.

How secure is FirmRoom for startup fundraising?

FirmRoom prioritizes security, with advanced features such as encryption, single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication, and intrusion detection. Startups can trust that their sensitive information is protected and accessible only to authorized users.

How does FirmRoom help simplify the due diligence process for startups?

FirmRoom's virtual data room streamlines due diligence by providing a centralized platform for document storage, collaboration, and tracking. Startups can organize documents using customizable templates, track investor activity, and efficiently manage the Q&A process.

Can I customize access permissions for investors in FirmRoom?

Yes, FirmRoom allows you to set granular access permissions for individual investors or investor groups. You can control access to specific documents or folders, ensuring that sensitive information is shared only with authorized parties.

How does FirmRoom's pricing work for startups?

FirmRoom offers transparent, flat-rate pricing based on storage needs, without any hidden fees or per-page charges. This cost-effective solution enables startups to focus on fundraising efforts without worrying about escalating costs.

Is FirmRoom suitable for startups in various stages of fundraising?

Yes, FirmRoom is designed to accommodate startups at all stages of fundraising, from seed funding to Series A, B, and beyond. Its scalable features and secure platform make it an ideal choice for startups throughout their growth journey.