Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud storage finally lets you break free from file size and storage limitations. Store your files online and access them from any device. No restrictions, no distractions
Cloud Storage by Firmroom

Never Stress About Data Overage Again

Data storage is less than 3 cents per GB, so we don’t think it’s fair that traditional virtual data rooms charge you based on data. With FirmRoom you get unlimited users and unlimited data. Our software lets you store any type of file in the cloud, including photos and videos. You can quickly access your data at any time.

FirmRoom was designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, providing teams with all the core features they need within a clean interface. Our software allows users to customize the room to meet their specific VDR needs. Permissions, notifications, and access rights can always be updated. Your data storage, your way.

FirmRoom - Data Processing

Convenient and Safe Cloud Storage

Finally, a modern day VDR that meets modern day needs. All files are stored and accessible in one place. This gives team members the freedom to locate and share documents, videos, photos, and more, even if they are not at their desk.
Streamline File Sharing

Since everything you need can be stored in the cloud, finding and sharing files is quick and simple.

Stay Organized

The cloud gives users the capability to keep everything organized in folders, just like on your desktop, and securely stored.

Unlimited Accessibility

You have access to edit, view, and share your documents, photos, videos etc. no matter where you’re at.

Reliable Cloud Storage Backup

In the case of a hard drive crash, there is no need to worry. All your important files are backed up in the cloud.

Always Be in Control

When you are dealing with confidential information, security comes first. FirmRoom was designed with this in mind. Our software not only meets industry security standards, but goes above and beyond to give you peace of mind. And not only is our software secure, the FirmRoom personnel are screened and bound by strict confidentiality agreements.
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