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Deal Name Generator

Coming Up With a Project Name for Your Deal

Business deals, especially complex M&A deals can last for months, and involve numerous parties and a great deal of sensitive information.

During the deal process, there is risk of the deal leaking, and the merger or acquisition being compromised. To maintain secrecy, deal-makers need to assign code names to each project, and only refer to the project by said code name.

This can be a fun process; you get the freedom to decide! But it does have to be difficult to to guess, unique, easy to remember, and relevant. It’s an opportunity to be creative, but, compared to the ins and outs of the deal itself, it might seem like a nuisance to get over with as quickly as possible.
If you want to take the work out of your hands, FirmRoom has created this name generator tool, based on the most common words and types of words used in deal names. Our tool not only makes your life easier; we think it’s pretty fun!
Project Quantum Supremacy
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25 Sample Project Name Ideas to Inspire You

Here is a unique sample list based on some of the most common categories for deal names:


  • Project Blue Jay
  • Project Turtledove
  • Project Cardinal


  • Project Lilac
  • Project Scarlet
  • Project Periwinkle


  • Project Ruby
  • Project Opal
  • Project Sapphire


  • Project Koala
  • Project Elephant
  • Project Gorilla


  • Project Venus
  • Project Saturn
  • Project Neptune
And, some less commonly used categories for consideration:

Dog Breeds

  • Project Rottweiler
  • Project Labrador
  • Project Pomeranian

State Capitals

  • Project Albany
  • Project Boston
  • Project Trenton


  • Project Sunflower
  • Project Orchid


  • Project Everest
  • Project Kilimanjaro
This is just an example of the many names found in FirmRoom’s name generator; just click the button for more!

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