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Reduce complexity & your invoice

FirmRoom is the powerful, fairly-priced Intralinks alternative with an intuitive interface, superior customer support, and a gold standard for information security management.

Based on 1000+ reviews:
FirmRoom vs Intralinks
Who chooses FirmRoom over Intralinks?
"Before FirmRoom, our M&A team struggled with Intralinks' unfair pricing and overall upload/interface. speed. FirmRoom is like a night and day! We've saved thousands in fees.."
Laura Daniels
M&A Director, AMR Group

"Us switching to FirmRoom has seen nearly a month off the time it took to close our last deal. The intuitiveness made all the difference."

Oliver Lewin
Investment Banking Analyst, Aurora Capital

Choose clarity over complexity at 10% of the cost

Intralinks uses the archaic traditional data room pricing model, costing companies thousands in overages.

Clients are asked to estimate the quantity of data they’ll upload based on documents - this leads to guesswork and ultimately, a bill shock, as over 70% of deals exceed their initial data and time estimates.

FirmRoom offers a flat rate at $495/month (10GB). For the same storage, Intralinks charges clients $6000/month.

A diligent analyst uploading a load of extraneous documents? This ends up costing companies thousands.

You wouldn’t pay per movie on Netflix or per song on Spotify Don’t pay per document or per page.

How our prices compare with Intralinks

FirmRoom provides powerful data room features with plans available at a fraction of the cost of Intralinks. Plus, get a 30% discount when you pay annually.
Monthly plans
Data room users + Admins
Free 14-day unlimited trial
Up to 1GB (approx 10,000 pdf pages)
Up to 10GB (approx 100,000 pdf pages)
Up to 50GB (approx 500,000 pdf pages)
Up to 100GB (up to 1 mil. pdf pages)
Annual discount
FirmRoom Standard plan
Both unlimited
Both unlimited
$495/month, all features included
$995/month, all features included
$1,995/month, all features included
Intralinks default plan
For a fee ($$$)
$0.60/page ($6000/month)
$0.60/page ($60,000/month)
$0.50/page ($250,000/month)
$0.50/page ($1,000,000/month)

No risks, just rewards

We’re confident you’ll fall in love with FirmRoom. But just in case it’s not a right fit for you, we’re offering a 14-day, no-obligation, free trial, so you can close your room anytime--no questions asked.
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Estimate your cost savings

Exceeding an initial storage quota is common, and peak deal-data use tends to occur at the transaction's end Adopting flat-fee software allows a virtual data room's features and cost to adapt alongside the opportunity.

Compare your cost savings based on the approximate amount of data you need using the calculator below

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See why customers love us

But don’t take just out word for it. See how real users compare FirmRoom to the competition on G2.


Why Intralinks makes modern dealmakers sad.


Outdated Per-Page and Per-MB Pricing

Intralinks continues to use the outdated per-page and per-MB pricing models, which no longer align with modern businesses' needs. With data becoming cheaper and the world shifting to subscription-based models, Intralinks' approach causes unpredictable costs and puts unnecessary financial strain on clients.


Complex and Slow User Experience

Intralinks' platform has a reputation for its complicated interface and slow performance, resulting in a steep learning curve and decreased productivity. Modern businesses require an intuitive, user-friendly experience that simplifies their workflow and expedites their processes.


Limited Scalability and Flexibility

Traditional data rooms like Intralinks lack the agility modern businesses need to adapt and grow. With rigid data and user constraints, clients often find themselves limited in their ability to scale their projects efficiently, leading to missed opportunities and higher costs.


Inefficient Deal Preparation

Intralinks' outdated pricing model discourages clients from establishing readiness and compliance early in the deal process. By switching to a flat-fee software like FirmRoom, clients can prepare for transactions more efficiently and without worrying about excessive costs, resulting in more successful outcomes and improved overall value

See why teams make the switch from Intralinks

Don’t take our word for it. Read these stories from dealmakers who made the switch to FirmRoom and find out how it’s changed their transactions.

Our law firm faced constant budgeting headaches with Intralinks' per-page pricing. FirmRoom's flat-fee model brought clarity and savings, making our lives much easier.

Andrew Johal
M&A Advisor

The flat-fee pricing removed all surprises and allowed us to allocate resources more efficiently.

James Prowse
Corporate Attorney

Transitioning from Intralinks to FirmRoom was a turning point. Clear pricing provided the flexibility to scale our data room as needed, without unexpected fees.

Kieran Dwight
M&A Analyst

Start your 14-day free trial

15 minutes is plenty of time to see if FirmRoom is a fit for your  team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for FirmRoom vs Intralinks Comparison

How does the pricing of FirmRoom differ from Intralinks?

FirmRoom uses a transparent, flat-fee pricing model based on storage and features, eliminating the need for per-page or per-MB charges. Intralinks employs an outdated and complex pricing model that can lead to unexpected costs and budget overruns.

Are there any differences in features between FirmRoom and Intralinks?

While Intralinks offers a wide range of features, FirmRoom matches and even surpasses those offerings with a more intuitive, user-friendly interface and faster performance, enabling teams to work more efficiently.

Which platform is more user-friendly and intuitive?

FirmRoom is designed with a streamlined interface and enhanced speed, providing a seamless user experience, whereas Intralinks has a more complicated and slower interface, which may hinder team efficiency.

How do FirmRoom and Intralinks compare in terms of security?

Both platforms prioritize data security. However, FirmRoom meets public company security standards without sacrificing user experience or functionality, ensuring your sensitive data remains protected at all times.

Is there a difference in customer support between FirmRoom and Intralinks?

Both FirmRoom and Intralinks offer dedicated customer support to their clients. However, FirmRoom's commitment to transparency and trust extends to their support, ensuring clients receive timely assistance and guidance throughout their experience.

Can FirmRoom handle complex and large-scale deals like Intralinks?

Yes, FirmRoom is designed to manage complex and large-scale deals, such as M&A transactions, just like Intralinks. Moreover, FirmRoom's flexible flat-fee pricing model offers additional value by removing the constraints of rigid data and user limitations.

Is FirmRoom suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, FirmRoom is designed to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Its flexible pricing model and robust features make it a suitable choice for any organization looking to improve their data management capabilities.